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This isn’t common knowledge and it also means that cases in this area of the law are handled differently, meaning they don’t go to court. They are typically handled through the arbitration process instead. The reason for not going to court is directly due to the contract signed by the investor when they contract for the investor’s services in the first place.

This isn’t the easiest area of law and it does require some special expertise on the part of the attorney handling the matter. I am pleased to be able to offer this highly specialized service to my clients, and have done so on numerous occasions over the years. In fact, our firm has over 100 hours combined legal experience at your service.

If you have recently experienced serious losses in your 401k accounts and other brokerage investment accounts, we should talk. If you were completely aware of the risks involved in these kinds of investments, then you also assume the responsibility for any losses.
However, in many cases the investor is not sophisticated about the intricacies of securities investing and this means totally relying on a financial planner or stockbroker to handle and direct their investments. Unfortunately there are times when the investments aren’t directed towards protecting the client’s financial position but rather maximizing the profit margin of the stockbroker.

When this kind of situation happens, the stockbroker assumes too much risk and when the market crashes, the investor is left holding losses they should not have if their original investments had been properly brokered. What happens to the investor here?

The investor may have a right to recover financial losses from the broker and the brokerage. This is particularly true if the investor has given the broker unlimited discretion in making investments with their money. Michael Smith and his partners have dealt with numerous cases like this and have a good track record of settlements.

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